• Jenni Lynn

Holiday Fantasy

I’m putting my makeup on in my strapless bra, thong, and thigh highs when you walk in. I’m leaned over the sink as you take me all in. I see you... You look so handsome in your suit, purple shirt and tie. It brings out the brightness of your blue eyes. And then you smile... the devilish grin that makes the dimple in your left cheek deepen. You run your fingers down my back, along the line of the top of my thong, following it down between my butt cheeks. You wrap your arms around my waist and pull me backward into the bedroom.

You toss me on the bed and say, “I can’t wait!” You get on your knees and spread my legs. You move my panties out of the way to reveal my pussy, glistening with desire... desire for only you. You lean in and kiss the top of my mound, just above my clit. I lean back, ignoring that my makeup is only half done and knowing my hair won’t look nearly as good in 10 minutes ago as it did 5 minutes ago.

With intensity and eagerness, you bury your lips in my pussy, spreading my lips with your tongue, tasting my excitement of having you with me. You suck on my clit furiously, as if you need my orgasm. I can feel it start... the tingling in my toes and fingers. As you suck on my clit, it swells with desire... getting close to orgasm. You suck harder and more forcefully. “I’m gonna cum!!” I exclaim. You pause and say, “should I let you?” As you lower your mouth and start sucking again, I beg “yes. Yes yes please!” I’m almost there.

As my orgasm rises and releases, I moan “I’m cumming!!!!” You stop and slap my pussy, right on my swollen clit as the orgasm suddenly stops. You pull off my thong then say “turnaround. Clockwise.” I know what you want and I want it too.

I flip around and let my hair hang off the bed. I open my mouth waiting for your cock to fill my mouth. You undo your zipper and pull out your cock then push it in my mouth. As I suck your hard, swollen cock, you unbuckle your pants and let them fall to the floor. You’re so turned on, you jam your cock to the back of my throat and start cumming. I feel the saltiness slide down my throat. You taste as delicious as you looked when you walked in. When you’re done, you say “go get dressed. We’ll be late.”

I get up, grab my panties from the floor and start to head back to the bathroom. You grab my wrist and take my panties. “No panties tonight.” I smile and go back to putting my make up on... now in just my bra and thigh highs.

You get dressed and come stand behind me, fully dressed and ready in your suit. As I try to carefully put on my lipstick, you slide two fingers into my wet pussy. As you press into my g-spot, I pause. “Finish your makeup and I’ll finish this,” you say as you push your fingers inside of me. I try to concentrate as you rub my g-spot. Finally my makeup is done. “Please let me cum,” I beg. You press down and the release hits me.

I pull on my dress and hold out my hand for my thong that you’re holding. You say, “no panties. I want to touch you throughout tonight. And I want you to be dripping or nearly dripping all night. Let me let me know when you’re ready to CUM home.” You smile. I zip up my dress. No panties. I can already feel the wetness.

We get in an Uber. You lean toward me and slide your hand between my legs. You flick at the slit of my pussy. You push your index finger into my clit. It takes everything not to moan out loud. The entire ride to the venue, you play with my pussy while occasionally leaning over to kiss my neck, bite my shoulder, or tell me how sexy I look.

When we get to the venue, we check my coat and go to say hello. After about 15 minutes, you pull me to a darkened hallway. You unbuckle your pants, turn me against the wall, and slide your cock into my very wet pussy. You thrust into me twice and I start to moan. You cover my mouth with your hand and whisper “sshhh” in my ear. You push your cock deep inside of me then slowly pull out. You tuck your cock back inside your pants. You take my hand, kiss it and lead me back to the holiday party. I can feel my pussy throbbing.

We spend several more hours at the party. When dinner is served, you slide your hand on my thigh and up close to my pussy underneath the table cloth. Having a short dress is convenient for this. As we eat, you flick at my clit. Run your finger between the slit of my pussy lips. Rub the moisture from my pussy. You keep making small talk. I try to concentrate on my food.

After dinner, you take me to the family restroom - a hidden gem others don’t seem to know about. We slip in. You lift my dress. You suck on my clit. I want to cum. My moaning picks up. You stop and say “if you want to cum, you have to be quiet!” I nod, knowing I can’t. You suck at my clit more. I start to moan again. I’m desperate for an orgasm. You stop. “I guess we have to wait until home.” You say with a shrug.

We spend another hour saying goodbye before our Uber finally arrives. As we sit in the car, you turn toward me and push you fingers into my pussy. I hear you whisper “no sounds or else no orgasm tonight”. As you push your fingers in and out, pressing on my g-spot, I try not to make a sound. I struggle as I get close to orgasm. “Can you cum without a sound” you ask. I shake my head. You push your fingers into my g-spot. I nod. You start rubbing and pushing your fingers in me. I lean into you. “I need to cum” I whisper as quietly as possible. You nod. I cum. I hold my breath. The orgasm is so unsatisfying as I struggle not to make a sound.

The Uber drops us off. We go into the house. As soon as we’re inside, I drop to my knees and start to unbuckle your pants. I crave your hard cock. I can feel it in your pants. Hard and ready for me. Before I can get your pants undone, you pull me to my feet and lift me so my legs wrap around your waist. You carry me upstairs like this.

When we get to the room, you turn me around facing away from you. You lift my dress. Reach past me for the thick anal plug. I feel your fingers reach between my legs, rubbing at the moisture in my pussy. You rub in circles, then rub the wetness on my ass hole. As you start to push the plug into my ass, I gasp. You say, “that was a fun holiday party. Now the real fun begins.” The plugs goes in all the way, filling me up. You turn me around and smile - the same devilish grin as earlier in the night. I can feel my wetness start to slide down my leg and I moan “oh god yes. I’m all yours. Anything you want.”

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