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Good Morning: An Edging Fantasy

I feel you roll into me and wrap your arm around my waist. You pull me in closer. I lift my head as you move your other arm underneath my neck, enveloping me in your arms. Your hand wraps around my breast and you squeeze a little. As you let go, I can feel your finger circling my nipple, then your thumb and forefinger roll my erect nipple for a moment. I start to feel it between my legs. Your hand starts to move down my body... slowly, deliberately, enticingly. As your hand moves down my chest to my stomach, I can feel it igniting inside me. My clit begins to throb in anticipation. I can feel the excitement building. Slowly, your hands moves toward my belly button and down to the mound of my pussy.

You move your hand down and use your index finger to work between my pussy lips, to find that hard little knot, eager to be touched. When you find my clit, you rub it gently. First up and down. Next side to side. The arm under my neck wraps around my body and you pull me closer. Your finger works at my clit - very gently. I can feel the area between my legs start to get a little moist. I want you to apply more pressure and work me toward orgasm, but I enjoy the sensations of you rubbing me gently and sensually knowing I’ll never get to orgasm, but enjoying the feeling equally as much.

You slide your finger into my wet pussy - slowly and gently. You pull your finger out and bring it to your mouth to taste me. “Mmm…” I hear you hum in my ear. I can feel your cock getting hard against me. We have time this morning, so you are moving slowly and deliberately. You slide your arm back under the covers working your way to my pussy. You find my clit again and start to gently rub it in circles. I moan, “Mmm… I want you.” I can hear you laugh a little to yourself as you keep rubbing my clit softly.

You stop rubbing my clit, pull your arm out from underneath me, and gently push me onto my stomach. You slide two fingers into my pussy and push down forcefully but slowly into my g-spot. I moan. You start to work my g-spot with your fingers - rubbing and pressing into it. You stop, pull your fingers out. You hear me pout a little bit. Then, without saying anything, slide three fingers in. I gasp. The stretch feels so good and makes me even more excited to feel your hard cock in me. I can already feel it against my leg as you push your fingers in and out of me slowly, pausing inside of me to press on my g-spot. I can feel the orgasm start to rise. My breath gets heavy and moans get louder. Just as I’m ready to cum, you pull your fingers out. I beg, “please don’t stop… I want to cum so badly”. My clit throbs and my pussy is wet. You wait just long enough to let my orgasm subside. Then you slide your hard cock into me. “Oh yes!” I say. As you push into me I can already feel the orgasm start to rise again.

You push your cock deep inside of me, then lay your body against mine. You slide your hand underneath me and your index finger finds my clit again. You’re deep in me, but not moving. I desperately want to feel you moving in and out, but instead you stay still and start to rub my clit with your finger, but so gently again. You can feel my pussy tighten around your cock. I can feel the orgasm coming on… even though you’re not moving and you’re rubbing my clit too gently to bring me to orgasm. Then you circle my clit with your finger with more pressure and my clit starts to throb, and my pussy tightens around your cock. I’m so close, but you pull your hand away.

You start to rock in and out of me - moving your hard cock in and out. I’m so desperate for an orgasm. I can feel it building again, but I know you’re not going to let me have. After all that foreplay… rubbing my clit and edging me… I know you won’t let me cum. As I enjoy you pushing your cock in and out of me, I wonder what you have in store for me. I can feel my pussy dripping and the sheets underneath me getting wet. I’m getting so close and my moans are getting louder. I can feel your breathing getting heavier and I know you’re close to cumming too. I’m about to cum and you pull out of me.

You flip me over onto my back, as you rub your cock with my juices. You look at me and say “open your mouth”. I open my mouth and you push your cock into it. I stretch my mouth open to take as much as I can. I start to feel your cock get harder and know you’re about to cum. You push your cock to the back of my throat. You let out a groan and I can feel the warmth of your cum hit the back of my throat. I can taste the salty sweetness of your delicious cum as it fills my mouth and I swallow it. When you’re done cumming, you pull your cock out of my mouth. But I grab your hips and hold you there. I lick your still hard cock and suck on the head. You’re so sensitive but love the sensation. I look up at you and smile, waiting to hear what’s next, as I struggle to not beg for an orgasm of my own.

You lean down and tell me “get dressed, but wear something that will be easy for you to slip your hands into. Every hour, I want you to step away from what you’re doing and rub your pussy for a full minute. But don’t cum. I want you to be dripping wet and ready to cum when we see each other tonight.” You kiss me on the cheek, smile, and say “good morning.”

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