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Kink & Poly Insta


I started an Instagram account that will have my kink and poly pictures. They will follow Instagram guidelines, so unfiltered photos will be here. But if you don't want to keep checking back here for new stuff, follow me on Instagram to follow my kink and poly journey.


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If you are interested in sending me a gift, you can access my Amazon Wish List here or below in my social media links. I'm happy to send a picture with the gift you've sent. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.


About Me


Hi there! I'm JenniLynn. Thanks for stopping by my page. 

I decided to create a "personal branding" page for a few reasons... first, my rigger and I did a JadeRope contest on Fet a couple months ago. We're both relatively new to shibari, but wanted to give it a shot. Needless to say, it wasn't a big hit. That's okay. You can check out the JadeRope entries here. I'm also going to speaking on the webinar in June. Sign up here. Because of those two things, plus the desire to knock it out of the park in next year's JadeRope contest, I decided to create a personal page.

Now... a little about me.

I was married for 13 years. After my ex-husband and I split, I started to "find" myself. I was introduced to kink through my play partner. That said, he and I never "kinked" together. He seemed to want to keep me in the vanilla world. Additionally, one of my metamours discouraged my participation in kink by telling me I didn't belong (check out the blog post on that story). After he and I split up, I started exploring kink on my own, but with some mentorship from a good friend/former metamour. So far, I've found a love for predicament and impact, wax and knife play, and, most of all, shibari. I'm very much a bottom and, to even some extent, found that I thrive as a submissive.

Through my ex-boyfriend's introduction, but after we split, I also found a renewed happiness in polyamory. I have two amazing partners in my triad, and two play partners with whom I kink. Polyamory has been extremely fulfilling in ways I never thought imaginable. I have all of my needs met in varying degrees through my partners. While monogamy in the future is not off the table, polyamory is where I have been happiest in my entire adult life. 

With that, please enjoy my site, a step into my world of poly and kink, a little bit into my mind through my writings, and please follow me on the social  links below!

XOXOXO, JenniLynn

We're all deviants here!

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